Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I've Hit 100 Posts!!!

...So let's celebrate with a blog candy give away. This is what you have to do. I want you to email me ( with your answers to the following questions. MOST (not all) of the answers can be found in my profile or in previous posts. The person with the most correct answers by Friday night at 9pm will win this batch of "stuff".
1.) What is my full name? (Middle name is optional, but it begins with an S.)
2.) How many children do I have?
3.) What are their names?
4.) What is my husbands name?
5.) What is my occupation?
6.) Where do I live? (city and state)
7.) When is my birthday? (It's coming soon!!)
8.) What is my swap group's name?

1 comment:

debbiedee said...

Ok, some of these are guesses as I don't know you. I read your WHOLE blog to try to find the answers Ü
I found you on SCS and found a picture of your DH, but no name, so tried a google. Ü

1.) Erica Suzanne Payne
2.) 3 boys
3.) Cameron, Carter, Austin
4.) Dustin
5.) SAHM/daycare provider/SU demo
6.) Vickery, OH
7.) June
8.) Stampinggirls