Saturday, June 30, 2007

House Mouse Images

Let me start off by saying....I HATE mice, but I am loving these House Mouse stamps. I don't have any and was thinking about geting some. They look so fun to color. What I want to know is....anybody out there willing to send me a few images? I want to give them a try before I spend the money to see if I even like them. If anybody would be so kind to send me some I would be greatful, and you WILL get something in return. Email me for my address: You all are so sweet out there. I know you'll come through for me.


Anonymous said...

I have two older house mouse stamps. One is sleeping with strawberries and the other is birthday cupcake. Want some images of those???

Erica Payne said...

Sure! They are all cute. I love the ones with the pigs, the farm girl in me says I need those ones!