Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dino Birthday Cake

Remember a few posts back I made a graduation card (from preschool) for my nephew, Ryan. I asked his dad what the school colors were and he said **** yellow and **** brown. It's coming back to you now, isn't it. Well, this past Sunday was Ryan's dinosaur birthday party. Guess who made this awesome cake? Yep- beer guzzlin', swearin', favorite brother-in-law of mine!! Now can you picture him in the kitchen with a Rachael Ray cook book and his apron on? Don't tell him I told you his little secret. His buds might tease him. Just kidding Tony-love ya!

And for those of you that have been religiously checking my birthday countdown widget- there are only 6 days left until I turn the big 25!! And for those of you who haven't checked-shame on you!!


Erin K said...

That cake is AMAZING. You are the best aunt ever to make such a cake.

Erica Payne said...

No, no, no....I didn't make the cake. My brother-in-law did. But thanks for the nice comment anyways!