Saturday, March 24, 2007

He Gets It From His Mommy

Cameron, who is my almost 5- middle son has a new found love for stamping (much to his dad's dismay!) Everytime he sees me stamping, he thinks he has to. So today I let him make an Easter card for his Nana and Papa. He is a very artistic child- loves to draw and I think his card turned out pretty cute too. But his artwork always has a story to go along with it. This card is no exception. So here it is: Cameron's Easter Story...........
The man ( notice the hand drawn man because I don't have a man stamp) came out and saw the rabbit's eating his flowers. He got madder and madder and madder to the sky. ( I think that means he was pretty pissed!) He got his flashlight to scare the rabbits and chicks away. Then he wasn't mad no more. The end!

At least this one has a happy ending.

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court said...

Oh Erica, this is too funny! His story had me laughing my butt off!