Friday, March 9, 2007

Baby Girl Altered Paint Can Shower Gift

I made this paint can for a friend who just found out they are having a girl. I loved this paper that I found at Pat Catan's, but I have boys so I was hoping I'd be able to use it for something. I bought an empty paint can from Home Depot and covered it with this adorable paper and tied ribbon to the handle. On the lid I attatched a poem that reads:

Baby books are great ideas, but sometimes you're too busy

Living with a little one can put you in a tizzy

Milestones pass too fast at times to find the proper page

So jot a note of each event with date and baby's age

Like: took steps on June the 1st or teething 5th of December

Then drop it in the memory can to help you to remember.

Cute, Huh? I thought so, but I certainly did not make that up. Inside the can I included a mini composition notebook that I found at Wal Mart. I covered it and the front says "She did the cutest thing today". Next, is a pocket calendar that I also covered. Most of these things I found at Wal Mart as well. The front of that says "What's today's date?" I then included a pen that matches everything else by covering the ink barrel inside with the paper. And lastly, an altoids tin I covered and it says "For the little things" and I plan on including a gift card for the place where she will register. I think she'll like it. What do you think?

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