Monday, April 30, 2007

Punchy Ladybug

My swap group host and friend, Dawn sent us a card for the month using her circle punches to create a ladybug. I wanted to do the same using the new Palette O' Prints paper. Contact me to find out how you can get yours! For my ladybug I simply used the 3/4 in. circle punch for the head and the 1 3/8 in. circle punch for the body and wings. For the wings I cut the circle in half then attatched them to the body. I drew on the antenea. I added the " bugs and kisses " sentiment from the Bugs And Kisses set. Bugs And Kisses to you all!


erin said...

This time it let me post really fast, this afternoon I let it run for 15 min and it still didn't bring the sight up. anyways, bugs and kisses back to you!! so adorable once again. can you tell i'm "brown nosin' ".

Allison said...

Super all the white gel pen accents!

Anonymous said...

Hey I recognize this. Great job. I like yours better. Have a great day.
Dawn B.