Friday, April 20, 2007

And The Winner Is.....

Renee! Congratulations! If you could email me so I can get this out to you asap that would be great!!!

Renee's recipe is actually one of our staple meals when we go camping, but it's our favorite so I'll share what she said with all of you:

Well,this doesn't require a big reciope. We always have a pie iron with us. For supper, stoke up the campfire. Take two peices of bread, and make like a grill chesse, put on some pizza sauce and top with your favorite pizza toppings. Put it in the pie iron, stick it in the fire and wait for it to cook. For dessert, do the same thing except top with your favorite pie filling! Yummy!!

Thanks Renee and those sound sooo good right now!!


Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Congrats Renee!

Erica, I still left you a camping comment as I know how handu all these tips can be.

Renée said...

Thanks so much, Erica!! I emailed you back!!