Friday, April 20, 2007

Bundle Of Baby Girl

While I had the Bundle Of Joy set out I thought I'd whip up a few other cards that I might need in the near future. Between family and friends I know of at least 6 people have babies between now and November. Most of them know they are having girls...or think they are having girls according to their ultrasounds. But here's a little true story I'd like to share with you. My sister-in-law and I were pregnant at the same time with our second babies. We were due 8 or 9 weeks apart, but ended up having them 6 weeks apart. We went ot the same doctor, but a different doctor read our ultrasounds. That doctor was the same for both of us too. First she gets the news that it's a girl. Then I am thrilled to find out a few weeks later we would be having a girl too!! Well, a few weeks after that my s-i-l had to have another ultrasound before delivery for whatever reason. Guess what- her little girl now has boy parts! So she had a few days to digest that information and plan accordingly. Now it's my turn to deliver, but everything looked good for us so another ultrasound wasn't needed. D-Day is finally here and guess what....It's A BOY!!! So girls -it DOES happen and pretty don't go crazy buying pink just yet!!!

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