Thursday, April 19, 2007

First Blog Candy Give-Away!!

I'm in the mood to give something away!!! I accidentaly bought 2 of the BABY Cuttlebug embossing folders- so you are going to have to chance to win one of them!!! For those of you who are saying, "but I don't have a Cuttlebug" the post entitled "Stamping Sistahs" and toward the bottom I give a brief explaination on how to use the embossing folders with a rolling pin. Some of you know that we recently bought a camper. We are planning on going camping next weekend, but coming up with meals is a chore. That's where you come in. All you have to do is leave me a comment with your favorite camping recipe. I will draw a winner on Friday at 9 P.M. The embossing folder will go in the mail Saturday morning! Good luck to you all!! Please remember to leave your email address so I can let you know if you are the lucky winner!!


Tonya and Erik said...

What a great idea to gather camping recipe favs! I've actually got a couple because I couldn't pick just one.

Tonga Pies:
Pizza version:
Wheat or White bread (bring a loaf)
Jar of Pizza Sauce
Precooked pepperoni and or sausage
onions, mushrooms and/or green peppers chopped up small
Mozzerella cheese

In one side of the tonga/hobo pie maker(one of those square or circular cast iron deals on a stick so you can put it on the coals) lay one piece of buttered bread, butter side down towards the cast iron. Spread you sauce on top, add toppins. Then put the other piece of buttered bread and close the pie maker. Sometime you need to squish to get the crust in or peal of the remnats of the outside as it will burn in the fire. Stick on coals and heat until done, peeking is allowed. ;-) If you don't have a pie maker they do see these in camping section of fleet farm or walmart for fairly cheap. The boys will love it as they can probably help make their own pizzas. Caution: inside will get very hot.
Variation: you can make ham and cheese or whatever flavor you can dream up as well as dessert pies. Just use pie filling, tastes great out in the woods!

Second recipe:
Hobo Hash
Heavy Tin Foil
butter or spray
Green Pepper
Ground beef or turkey

Cut up all the veggies. In the tin foil add your butter (or spray the tin foil a little) then add meat (it will cook in fire) and veggies as desires. Sprinkle with spices as desires. We always use salt, pepper, garlic and anything else we've brought with! Tighten tinfoil into leak proof packets and set on coals. These take a while to cook and need hot coals so it's not the meal to do if you need something quick, but then most of us don't have microwaves camping....or do we!?!? ;-) Once cooked you can dump on a plate and devour. Wonderful after a day of hiking or canoeing!

Hope you have a great weekend of camping, sounds like a lot of fun!

CAKVD said...

My favorite camping recipe:
Cut up potatoes into chunks, add some butter and lawrys salt. Then wrap up in tin foil and thow onto a campfire. They'll be done in about 15 minutes. They are so good! You can also do this with carrots too! Thanks!
Cheryl KVD

Anonymous said...

Who can camp without SMORES. Or as my son would say SHMORES. I cannot wait to have them this summer. Happy camping.

Graham Crackers
Large Marshmallows
Hershey's chocolate Bar
Roast Mallows put between chocolate and two graham crackers. MMMMMM goood.

Dawn B.

Renée said...

Well, this one doesn't require a big recipe. We always have a pie iron with us. For supper, stoke up the campfire. Take two pieces of bread, and make like a grill cheese, put on some pizza sauce and top with your favorite pizza toppings. Put it in the pie iron, stick it in the fire and wait for it to cook. For dessert, do the same thing except top with your favorite pie filling! Yumm!!

Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

Camping!!! I have been rego the last 2 summers or have had a baby and dont feel like camping! I cant wait to take the boys! I found your site through Ashley! so thanks Ashley! ok here it is the best camping recipe! you take a banana and cut a wedge into it all the way down the banana so it will look like a boat. than you stuff marshmellows and choco into it and put back the peel wrap it in tinfoil and heat in the fire! yummm!!!

Allison said...

Camping? What's that? I am so spoiled now that my in-laws have their motorhome...

Melanie before me took my only idea! (Harkening back to Girl Guides for that one...)

My mother always made us weiners and beans on toast and called it "cowboy dinner"...we loved it!

Whimsey said...

CAMPING? I've never camped a day in my life but as I scrolled down; someone had already left the only think I could think of!!! Cut up potatoes, onion and about anything else, wrap in tinfoil and throw on the fire - yum, yum - we do this on our grill all the time. That's as close as I get to camping. LOL

Creative Expressions by Stephanie said...

Ohhh camping is soo much is more of a tip than a recipe. I used to have a list of all we like to take, games, essentials...est keep this list on your comp so you can change it as you go (like take out what you took but didn't need and add what you wish you would have brought) & print to have handy. We have 3 girls who are picky so we keep it pretty simple, minute rice, potatoes, hotdogs...pretty much anything that cooks up easy. Ohhhh, and bring baby wipes they are sooooooo handy;)

doverdi said...

I use to do a lot of camping when my son was younger (he's 21 now). Most of my food preparation was done at home (hey, it's suppose to be my holiday too! lol) I would always make potato salad as well as a couple of other salads. I always boiled extra potatoes so I could fry some for breakfast. Breakfast consisted of fried potatoes & egg, ham & cheese on a bun. Just fry an egg, add a cheese slice & piece of ham and then put on a kaiser bun. Yummy! I also boiled my chicken at home so it was really quick to cook on the barbecue. I also did my potatoes cut in slices, added onions, butter & spices, wrapped in tin foil and cook on the barbecue. Veggies were done the same way. Everything tastes so much better when your camping. Have fun. Hope some of these ideas make cooking fun & easy for you.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I'm not sure what time zone you live in...

But I love meal in a bundle or hobo dinners...

I put a piece of chicken and potatoes, carrots, broccoli, onions in foil...salt/pepper, butter and a splash of worchester sauce...yum! (Cook till done in your camp fire ...around the edges.)

I love pie iron pies...cherry...not apple.

Mostly, I don't camp so anything I can do in my back yard is just great!

Jan Scholl said...

Being a vegetarian, I premake anything that I would want to eat. I am most happy with a huge jar of peanut butter and a huge bag of raw veggies-none need refrigeration or cooking. I travel light.

email me thru my blog-not open posting to prevent spammers from culling it.

Kristine said...

Hobo pies! You do need a pie maker for the fire pit, but you can do so much with them, grilled cheese, pizzas, fruit pies...Yummy!

Splashryan said...

I know a lot of people don't like this, but my fondest memory of camping was creme of wheat with brown sugar cooked in a pot over the fire. YUMMY!

Anna said...

I have been camping only one time, but we do go hiking quite a bit. I like to have some kind of trail mix to take with us. My favorite is to take peanuts, sunflower seeds, and m&m's and mix them together. The kids might have fun making their own. You can really add anything, like mini pretzels, teddy grahams, etc.
A lunch thing we like to do is to make a wrap with a tortilla. Just put a little mayo and mustard, some deli meat, relish, or whatever you like. Then you can roll it up and wrap it in plastic wrap. If you are hiking, the wraps will not get smooshed like sandwiches. The tortillas will also take up less space in your camper and stay fresh longer than bread.

Selina said...

When I was little we would go camping with Grandma & Grandpa and I think one of the things I absolutely miss most is doing that and having breakfast with them. They would also fix toast, eggs, and corned beef hash. They'd use a special seasoning for the hash part with wonderful country potatoes. Yum!!! I miss that!

Heather Leech said...

I'm not going to be much help here as I haven't gone camping in eons! My hubby has a really bad back which doesn't do well when he doesn't get to sleep on a mattress! One thing we do when we barbeque is to cut up potatoes, throw in some onions and some margarine, wrap it up in tin foil...make sure it's sealed well and there's no leaks. Then we throw it on the bbq for a while. It's easy and it tastes great!
Heather L.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is when we camp we don't eat a lot differently than we do at home sometimes. i love to make a big batch of spaghetti sauce to take camping and then cook spaghetti in a pot of water over the fire.

bichonpawz said...

Hi there! Camping is fun....I haven't been for many years. I would have to say that SMORES are my favorite camping memory!!

lois lane said...

We don't camp much. So this is the only one I know.
Smores: Pack of Graham crackers, pack of Hershey's Chocolate Bars and Large Marshmallows. Heat Marshmallow on a stick over fire. Put 1/2 chocolate bar between 2 graham cracker halves. Then put hot marshamallow between them. Yummy!!! I am sure you know this one, but it's the only one I know.

Cindy Keery said...

Potato salad, corn on the cob, bbq'd hamburgers are always good when you're camping. (as long as you have a bbq to cook your stuff on or a stove or something).


Mary Campbell said...

My boys always loved hotdogs, hamburgers, chips (lots of chips) or fry the fish they caught. Breakfast was always scrambled eggs and either bacon or sausage. Even pork and beans taste good on a fishing trip. Hope you have a great trip.