Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Season's Of Cameron's Apple Tree

The kids are all doing apple themed lessons at school this month, so I thought I would incorperate them into my daycare as well. We've been making homemade applesauce, investigating the aplle trees in the backyard, but their favorite activity so far has been making their apple books. This one is Cameron's and he was so excited to take it to school and read it to his class. I simply painted their hand and arm brown for their tree. Then I let them use the stamps from Season of Friendship (the snowflake, flower, and leaves) to decorate their tree for each season. The apple is from Holiday Blitz. They loved it! I think mostly because they got to use my stamps and ink pads that are usually off limits! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

How cool is that and very cute - they did excellent jobs !!!!!!!!!

erin said...

guess what we're going to be doing this week!!