Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jonathan Burkin's Got Talent

I don't usually ask for favors on my blog, but today I am asking a huge favor from all of you. Please watch America's Got Talent Tonight and vote for Jonathan Burkin. He is amazing at what he does and I can say I personally know him. He and his family live 5 minutes from our house, they go to our church, and we are very good friends of theirs.I first met Jonathan when he was about 8 years old and every time I saw him, he had a baton in his hand. He was picked on all through school as you can imagine, but look at him now! So pick up the phone after the show and be sure to vote for him. He deserves it. Congratulations Jonathan!


rhonda said...

dear erica,
i am so glad you had this blog set up.. i have been searching for a way to email jonathan, watching him over the past few weeks on agt brought back bittersweet memories of 25 years ago when I was a baton twirler for my schools marching band in upstate NY, and i too was constantly PICKED ON ... AND I WAS A GIRL..i dont know why picking on baton twirlers male or female has been made to be such an acceptable thing.. i was also a cheerleader and back then you never heard of a male cheerleader in the 70"s altho my mom was always showing me her year book of 1949 when male cheerleaders were quite the norm.. and now every cheerleading squad has male cheerleaders.. so to all those who have picked on jonathan..THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE .. CHEERLEADERS OR BATON TWIRLERS CAN BE MALE OR FEMALE..GET OVER YOUR SELVES..!!
baton twirling is by no way an easy talent..and then add the fire batons and you triple the difficulty.. WAY TO GO JONATHAN.. please let him know that all baton twirlers around the world are routing for him.. and no matter what the outcome..i am sure TALENT REPS From Vegas casinos will be after Jonathan.
all the best to him.

jessica said...

well now that Jonathan has been voted off agt - by the judges(!) for that Elvis impersonator (UGH!) - what a big disappointment. Personally I can't stand Elvis so I can't stand any impersonators, Plus I think all but one top 10 are singers this year. Jonathan was great and I am really ticked off about this. I did call and vote for him and I have never called in for anyone. Erica, if you have a way to contact him please post it. If not, at least tell him that I (and I am sure many of us) feel just terrible about this. I hope he pursues his talent and that someone picks him up anyway. I think he is amazing. He should go have drinks with Terry Fator and see what he says! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ditto on finally finding a space where I could congratulate Jonathan on his talent. I was disapointed he did not at least make the final 10. I would definately have paid to see his show in Vegas. If you can, would you please let him know there are many of us who loved his talent! Our group ranges in age from 27 to 60 and we loved him. We wish him well and know he will be successful..Good luck to him and keep it up, it was awesome. Barbara

rister419 said...
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rister419 said...

I too truly wish he could have stayed on the show, but I know that he will make it in this world. He is good at what he does and he always has been. I twirled in high school and jr high as well. Actually there were many parades that our corp twirled in as well as hi society. I have always admired their talents, especially his and I will continue to admire. Good luck Jonathan, in all you do!