Friday, September 26, 2008

Hemi Is Here!

Our new puppy came home last night. She is the sweetest thing. The boys can't get enough of her. I thought they fought a lot before! I guess we should have gotten three puppies. She is very mellow and passive so far. I'm sure with time she'll get used to the commotion around here and come out of her shell. She did a lot of sleeping today. We took her tonight to play with her sister Harley,who is much smaller than Hemi.Harley got the best of her. But as soon as we got home, she decided that playing was fun and got out her tennis ball. She does very well in the car too. She goes with us everywhere. She better enjoy it now because that's not going to happen when she is 120 pounds. I'll leave you tonight with a few pictures from today. Tomorrow I hope to have something stampy to show you. Maybe a card for Lauren's Saturday Sketch. I promise not to bore you with Hemi updates everyday.


Ashley Bowen said...

OMGosh, Erica! How stinkin' cute is your new family member! I just want to hug her!!! :) CONGRATS!!

BTW~ Thank you so much for the card! I truly appreciate it! I love the bear and his fuzzyness!

Haley said...

Sweet photos! Glad you are happy with her!