Thursday, September 25, 2008

B Is For Boy and We're Having A Girl!

My neighbors just found out the are having a boy at the end of December, so I made this card for them. The d.p. is some left in my scrap pile. I'm not sure who it's by, but the other side is transportation/vacation type stuff. I thought the warm colors were perfect for a baby boy. This afternoon I will likely become the mommy to a puppy. Dustin and I are both having baby fever...bad! Every two and a half years or so is when we decide it's time for another baby. Since we aren't having anymore kids and the boys are getting old enough to help with the's time for a puppy! She is a black lab mix and her name is HEMI. That was all my hubby's doings! All of her puppy siblings are in the neighborhood, so they'll be able to play. Dustin's cousin took one of her sisters. Her name is Harley. That's who Austin and Cameron are holding in the picture. So we are headed to the store to get puppy neccessities! I'll be back later with pictures of Hemi.


erin said...

HEMI!! LOL -- are you guys nuts, don't you listen to all my complaints about pj??!!!??

Anonymous said...

Aww a puppy !!!! good luck and I think your paper line might be lil davis travel.

Haley said...

How fun to have new puppy! Labs are the best...just beware as puppies they chew up EVERYTHING!!!

Seriously, hide your favorite shoes! :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL. When I first read the title of your post I thought you were pregnant. I love Hemi. He is so cute. What a great addition to your family.
Dawn B.

Jennifer Ofiana said...

Super cute card and the puppy is even cuter!! Have fun with him!!