Monday, July 2, 2007

Tag.....I'm It.....Again....

The very talented Kimberly tagged me along with 6 other crafty bloggers. We are to tell 7 unknown facts about ourselves and tag 7 more people.

1.) I broke my wrist in 6th grade playing basketball at recess.
2.) I loved being pregnant, except for the morning sickness part, and am kinda sad that I will never be again.
3.) I am a former preschool teacher, and hopefully will be back in the classroom when my boys are older.
4.) Our oldest son was born just before I turned 17, two years before we got married.
5.) I hope my brother settles down soon and has a baby...girl. I want a neice to spoil!
6.) I don't know how to swim.
7.) Unlike most kids, I am glad my parents divorced and found other great people to spend their lives with.

I am going to tag Ashley, Amanda, Julee, Renee, Kirsten, Bethany, and Beate

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