Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cupcake Take Along Tote

I've said this a million times over, but if you haven't purchased any of Lauren's Timeless Templates from PTI, then you are missing out big time! They are such a great way to dress up you gift packaging. This time I used part of the Take Along Tote. The great thing about these templates is that you can use just parts of them to create really cool things. So this gift will be going to my nephews for Valentine's Day. I like to get them a little something for all of the holidays with out spending a lot and I like to get them something that they can do together. It usually involves food! This time is no different and who doesn't love cupcakes?! If you'd like more specific instructions on how to make one of your own, please visit Nichole Heady's blog here. She has easy to follow instructions with measurements, but you need to purchase the Take Along Template to complete this project.


erin said...

i absolutely love it and can't wait until valentine's day!!

Haley said...

This is seriously the best idea! Love it!

Heather P. said...

Love, love, love this!