Friday, January 9, 2009

Candy Airplane

I'm officialy wore out! I haven't slept all week. The kids are still sick and now I am too. This weekend I don't plan on doing much more than sleeping. While at the doctor's office on Tuesday getting Austin medicine we looked through the Valentine section of the Family Fun magazine. They had these cute little, EASY, candy airplanes. We decided that's what were were going to do for the kids in their classes. All we needed was Smarties, Gum, Pep O Mint Life Savers, some patterned paper, and rubberbands. We wrapped all of the sticks of gum with patterned paper and added some hearts to the top. We simply ran the rubberband through the two Lifesavers leaving space to stick the Smarties through also. Then put the stick of gum through the top. It's hard to explain, but very easy to do. So what are your kids doing for Valetine's Day?


erin said...

too cute -- you make me heart soar! lol, we are doing little soaps and saying "i stink your sweet!" with a little skunk. of course, i haven't started.

Twila said...

Very cute idea.