Monday, November 24, 2008

Trifold Gift Card Holder

I've been feeling extremely guilty for not posting since last week, but I'm trying to get things ready for all of upcoming holiday events that will be non stop until New Year's. This Friday we will be celebrating Christmas with Dustin's family and we needed a gift card for his 8 year old Godson. Boys could care less about the packaging, so I whipped up a quick trifold gift card holder to put it in. I took little time to put it together since it will promptly be going into the trash can. I started with a 4" x 9" piece of cardstock and scored it at 3" & 6". I added some My Minds Eye d.p. to the flap that opens. I created a belly band to keep it closed. For the inside I sealed a small envelope, then sliced the top off, so it was open, and used a circle punch to punch a notch out of the top so he could easily grab the gift card out. I punched out different size circles from several colors of cardstock and adhered them to the bottom of the envelope to jazz it up a little. That's about it. Today it is raining and cold, so besides working on Julee's Mojo Monday sketch (which hasn't posted yet) I intend to put up the Christmas tree. For those of you out there with puppies, feel free to pass along any tips you have for keeping the dog away from the tree. I have a feeling this year is going to be a constant battle with Hemi. She's lucky she's cute!


Haley said...

I love the colors you used here!

Svaya said...

I really love your holder. simple, easy. If you can, please give me the measurements for the strip (the brown part)? Thank you so much for this idea!