Monday, November 10, 2008

Accidents Happen

How was everyone's weekend? We had no big plans, so we just hung out most of the time. I got a few scrapbook layouts done! Saturday afternoon my mom and I took the boys to see Madagascar 2. They loved it. It was Carter's first time to the movies, so I was a little unsure if he would sit still through the whole thing, but he did great! Yesterday afternoon Cameron and I made a trip to the ER. He and Carter were running through the house and he says Carter pushed him. Either way, he slid on his bedroom floor, which is wood, and busted his chin open requiring 3 stitches. He actually laughed during the stitching. Of course he was numb, but I am not a needle person so I had a tough time watching. He wanted to hold my hand while they stitched him up, but I realized that I was squeezing his hand harder than he was squeezing mine! He's a tough little guy! So Friday morning we will make a trip to our family doctor to get them removed. I'll be back soon will today's Mojo Monday Sketch!


erin said...

my poor Cam-man

Haley said...

Goodness! I busted my chin twice when I was Cam's age....glad he is ok now!