Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pancakes In A Jar

Today I wanted to share with you another one of my potential Christmas gifts. I got this idea from Lauren who is more talented that anyone I know. Packaging and presentation are her specialties. So, I picked up some glass jars at Target with a screw top lid as well as several types of pancake mixes. This one is Banana Chcolate Chip. I will keep the mix in it's original bag until it's almost time to give it away so that it stays fresh. I decorated the outside of the jar using Boards and Beams & Home For The Holidays from PTI. I typed up the directions on the computer and printed them out and added them to the lid for easy referal. This scene was so much fun to build using these two sets together. Well, I've got half a dozen more of these to make and things to get ready for Monday morning so that's it for today.


Anonymous said...

Im lovin your gift ideas - I need to go cheaper this Christmas, but dont want it to look that way and your blog has given me some great ideas. Thanks

Haley said...

This just takes the cake! I could be corny and say the "pan" cake, but I won't. :-)

Ashley Bowen said...

Erica, that is so freakin' CUTE!!! I love it! Hugs, Ash-