Wednesday, March 12, 2008

You Make Me Feel All Fuzzy Inside!

This spot is larger than it looks- each of the tiles are 8x8.

I wish that was how I was feeling right now, but it's quite the opposite. I can feel my blood boiling as I type. Those of you that have been visiting this blog for a while know that we had our roof done in September, the jerks robbed us, then left the state. When we found out there was nothing we could really do about it, we let it drop and tried to forget about it....until last night. I walk into my daycare room and I've got water dripping from the ceiling in 3 spots. Nothing I could do about it, so I put a bucket under it. It only dripped for a few minutes, but this picture shows what I woke up to this morning. I called Dustin at work to "vent". He said he would take care of it. He doesn't let me "take care of things". He says that I say irrational things and I let my emotions get in the way. He is absolutely right! I will TRY to wait until he gets home and let him make the phone calls, but I can't promise anything!

So the card is using the bunny image from High Hopes that my s-i-l gave me. The sentiment was also a RAK, but I'm not sure what company makes it. The d.p. on the card is Basic Grey's Two Scoops paper. That's about it. I gotta run- I have a potential recruit that I'm signing up today! (You know who you are)!


erin said...

vowho are you signing up -- i'm sooo nosey!! the card is cute, and the sentiment fits perfectly. I CANNOT BELIEVE YOUR CEILING!!

Heather P. said...

Oh Erica, that is AWFUL!!! I hope your husband can get ahold of someone and get that taken care of!

Such a CUTE card!

Haley said...

I'm hoping the ceiling thing got better, that's just a terrible thing to have happen!

I'm excited to work with you! :-)