Saturday, September 1, 2007

My First Attempt At Etched Glass

I am so excited to share this technique with you. It is super easy! I am not a big fan of etched glass. I don't own any and I wouldn't buy any.....but.....this was so much fun to do. So- sorry friends and family- beware there are gifts of etched glass coming to you for Christmas. I found these 4x4 glass squares by Darice at Pat Catan's in packs of 4 for less that $2.00. I went this route for my first try incase I screwed up. I did buy a couple of square glass jars with lids to try later. And I'm going to assume it's easier to work with something square vs. something round like a votive holder. But I'm a beginner so what do I know.

Here's what you'll need:


*Embossing Buddy

*Heat Gun

*Clear Contact paper (if desired)

*Armor Etch Glass Wtching Cream ( I got mine at Pat Catan's, but's pricey!)

*Paint Brush

*Glass Item


*Windex & Paper Towel

You ready? Here we go!

1. Start by cleaning your glass item with Windex. Fingerprints are not your friend.

2. Rub your item with the embossing buddy.

3. Cut a shape out of your Contact paper. I chose to cut a circle with my Coluzze to create a mask, but this step is not required. Apply it to your item so that the stamped images will be in the center of your cut out shape.

4. Stamp your object with Versamark. Sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat to melt. *GLASS WILL BE HOT**

5. Pour a generous layer of Armour Etch over your project, and spread with a paint brush. Let set for 5 minutes.

6. Rinse cream of with warm running water. You may need to lightly rub it off with your finger.

It only took me 15 minutes to do this from start to finish, so it's not that time consuming. Give it a try! Photographing this little guy was the hardest part!


Mistylynn said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I think it looks GREAT!

Jill said...

How cute! What a fun project!

Kimberly said...

This is beautiful!! TFS!