Saturday, September 29, 2007

GNO Project #4

This candy coffin is so simple. I think this is what I'll be sending with the boys to school for their Halloween parties (with my demo info on the back *wink wink*). I put a mini hershey candy bar inside. Carter helped me with this one. That is why there is random glitter and smudged skulls on the coffin. Oh well- like Dustin always says "it adds character". Tonight is the big GNO!! I am really excited to spend a few hours with my friends and family. Hopefully Monday I'll have some good news regaurding the robbery as we have made progress this week! If any of you out there in blog land is interested in making these projects, I am putting together "to go packages". Feel free to email me and for a small fee I will be happy to send you one!


noelmignon said...

Fun project!! I am really hoping you get some good news tomorrow about the robery status. Keep us updated!

Corie said...

Love all these Halloween projects -- great ideas!!