Saturday, September 1, 2007

Back To School

This week both of my older boys headed back to school. I had ordered 2 new sets from My Favorite Things, and they came just in time for me to make a card for the boys. The set I used is called Back To School. Cameron loves to watch me stamp. Anytime I stamp an image of a person he always asks, "Is that you Mommy, or is that me?" This time was no exception. He said, " Mommy, did you get new red shoes and you forgot to put your head on!" I had to laugh, because he does not realize that the people images from MFT do NOT have heads! Very observant little guy, isn't he?! The school week went great for both of them, and I'm glad to finally be settling back into a routine.


Anonymous said...

This card is cute, but I can't decide if I like these stamps without the heads?? Kind of creepy lol
I DO love the card though!

Heather P. said...

This is SO cute! :)