Monday, December 15, 2008

What A Weekend

I am so glad the weekend is over and hope this week goes much better than the last. It just seemed like one thing after another and I need a break! Here is a picture I took of Hemi yesterday. A few people have asked how she's doing. As you can see she's growing! She's almost 30 pounds. She spent the day with my mom yesterday because we hosted Christmas for my husband's family at our house. With nearly 40 people here I thought she would just be underfoot all day, so my mom offered to keep her. Grandma says she was a good girl, but I know my Hemi:)
As I said we had Christmas at our house, but unfortunately I woke up yesterday morning to the flu. Thankfully, I was able to get out of bed by the time guests started arriving, but I was a terrible hostess. The smell of the food was too much for me to stomach and the noise level was hard to handle. It would've been great if I had felt better and by midafternoon Dustin started feeling sick too. We were glad when the day ended so we could go to 7p.m! As you can see, Santa dropped in for a quick visit. He brought all 14 of the children matching pajama pants and a small toy. Carter has done so well with Santa this year. As a matter of fact, he wanted really didn't want to share Santa yesterday. He has made it very clear that he wants a blue 4 wheeler this year. Santa better bring this child a blue 4 wheeler or mommy and daddy are going to hear about for a long time!

As I have said before, Cameron is really into the magic of Christmas. He asks a lot of questions. He really wanted to know how Santa knew that he took pigs to the fair, or that he's done a lot of camping over the summer, and fights daily with his brothers! Santa is always watching,Cam! He wants a new bike, but he recently got a 4 wheeler, so I'm not sure that Santa will deliver on this one!

And finally, my big man, Ausitn. Too cool to sit on Santa's lap. And totally mortified when Santa asked about his girlfriend. He was as red as Santa's suit! But he stood there long enough to humor me so I could get a picture.

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Haley said...

Great photos! Glad you guys were able to make it through the day....that must have been so hard being sick!

Cute photos!