Monday, December 22, 2008

Sending An Ohio Christmas To Texas

It's been a while, huh!? Not because I haven't been around, but because we got an ice storm that made my internet server loose electricity. This gift was sent to a friend in Texas. Hopefully, she has gotten it by now, but if not....act surprised when you get it Haley! I just wanted her family to know that we were thinking about them this Christmas, and she of all people understands my goal of trying to keep things inexpensive. The idea of the Christmas Tree Garden was born when my s-i-l and I were walking through Target in November and came across these little pots with seeds for Christmas trees in the dollar spot. I scooped them up because I knew they'd be a perfect match for the egg boxes that I just had to have from PTI they are sitting in my closet collecting dust. So I went to work covering the box with adorable d.p. Now the insert for the box had 6 holes. My pots were just a little too big to fut 6 so I covered the insert with cardstock and only cut out 3 holes. I made some cutey little picks to put in the pots , so she knows what's what when she plants the seeds. FPr shipping purposes I put the seed packets and instructions under the insert to keep them contained. So I hope she likes it. I thought it was a fun gift and urge you think outside the box this Christmas!


erin said...

i just love that moose card!

Haley said...

This is really cool! And, no I haven't gotten it yet, but I'm really excited to now!