Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Is Over, But We're Still Celebrating!

How was everyone's Christmas? Ours was great, and we still have one more tomorrow to go to. We kept things simple this year, so the kids didn't get an over abundance of toys that they'll only play with for a short time. What is crazy is that a few days ago the temps in Ohio were below zero , but today it it 65 degrees and sunny! I am in a fantastic mood because of it. I'm getting so much done today! It's the perfect day to get those outdoor Christmas decorations put away. On to the project... Using yet another of Lauren's Timeless Template found over at PTI
I was able to create this adorable holder for these chocolate covered marshmallows to be used as stir sticks for hot chocolate. I made the marshmallows by stacking two in a lollipop stick and covering them in melted bakers chocolate and covering them with crushed candy canes. I just placed them on wax paper and out them in the refridgerator for a few minutes to set up.
Here is a closer look. This went to one of my aunts that I had for a gift exchange. She thought it came from a gourmet shop we have in town! It was very inexpensive to make. Probably less than $4 all together. I am going to take advantage of this beautiful day and I hope you do too!

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i love it!!