Monday, May 18, 2009

Farm Field Trip

Today I was able to take the day off from my daycare and spend it with Carter on his field trip to the farm. The kids had a blast and even though Carter spends a lot of time on his Papa's farm and cousin's dairy farm there were a few animals that he had never seen before. I caught this goat sticking his tongue out at us, so I had to take his picture. The kids thought that was sooo funny. And just before that a gigantic rat ran in front of my feet. I nearly passed out. I HATE mice and rats!!
Here is Carter petting one of the two reindeer. His name is Blizzard. The other is names Snowflake. They aren't very cute right now because they are shedding their winter coats. They have velvet on their antlers because they are still young.

Carter is milking Chessie here. He is on the dairy farm all of the time, but they use automatic milkers so this is the first time he has actually milked one by hand.
There are a lot more pictures, but I'll spare you. I do have a 3-D project to share with you, but that will have to wait until tomorrow:-)

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erin said...

looks like you had fun!! can't wait to see the project!!