Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another Trip To The ER

I foresee a lot more emergency room visits in my future. Most of you know that I have 3 very active boys, so spending yesterday in the ER with Cameron probably comes as no surprise to you. If you remember he was just there in the fall getting stitches in his chin. This time, he went through our back door and cut himself up pretty good. He is very, very lucky. There were 3 of us adults standing there helping him "get out" of the glass so he didn't cut himself worse. Because of all of the blood I really couldn't tell how bad things were, so I took him to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. Once they cleaned him up they just glued the cuts shut. The (very good looking) ER doctor said that since the glass cut only 2 layers of skin instead of 3 stitches weren't needed. Hopefully he learned a lesson from this, and on the bright side I get a new back door out of the deal! I've been wanting one for a while now. lol Happy Mother's Day!!

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Haley said...

Goodness! I'm glad he is ok!