Monday, April 27, 2009

Where Did The Weekend Go?

I will start with the card, since that's why most people stop here anyway. Last week my friend, Haley, had a root canal. I sent this card to her in Texas just to let her know I was thinking about her. I used my dentabella for this one and some American Crafts d.p. The ribbon and button are SU! the flower is unknown. We had beautiful weather this weekend, but it went by way too fast! Temps have been in the upper 80's since Friday and will continue through today. We spent most of the weekend at home working on things outside. Saturday morning we did get up early and go to the storybook festival. Each year this festival is put on highlighting a different storybook character. This time, it was Curious George. The boys loved it.
Sunday we had to pick up trash for our kids' 4H club. Not so much fun, but it's nice knowing that we made a difference by doing our part. and here it is Monday already. I have so much to do today because the weather is supposed to get cooler and rainy, so I better get busy!


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The storybook festival looks like it was alot of fun!

Thanks again for the card! I love it, and it really did brighten my day. I'm having more dental work done on Thursday...hopefully that will be the last of it.