Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Craig Morgan Concert

Craig Morgan Austin caught a guitar pick
Craig signs Cameron's shirt
Craig signs Austin's shirt

Today is my last day of fair pics, I promise! If you are not country music fans, this may not be as exciting for you as it was for us- but I'm going to share anyways! Saturday of the fair they always have a country music concert, and time it was Craig Morgan. My boys and nephews are HUGE Internatonal Harvester fans. That's one of his big songs. We were lucky enough to get front row seats and the boys had red IH shirts on that got his attention a few times. The concert was AWESOME! He was very entertaining and not bad to look at either. Austin caught the first guitar pick that he threw out. Since it was crowded by the gates to exit at the end of the concert, we stuck around for a while. I am so glad we did because he signed all of our shirts! He is a really cool guy and we had so much fun! Stay tuned for my crafty post.

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Haley said...

How cool for the boys! Over the years I have been able to meet some of my fave musicians, and really, you just can't beat that feeling!