Monday, August 25, 2008

Catch Up Day

Austin got 1st in his class.Cameron didn't place, but got a ribbon and that's all he cared about.
Carter got 3rd in his class.

Yesterday was the last day of our county fair. Most of you know that's where we've been since last Sunday. We camped there all week, so today I have lots of laundry and cleaning to do. I do have eye candy for you a little later, but wanted to share a few pictures of the boys showing their pigs on Tuesday. Each day I will share a few more fair photos. If you visit this blog for my crafty posts, feel free to skip over these.


Dottie K. said...

OMG those pictures are adorable and congrats to all the boys. :)

Anonymous said...

This really makes me homesick. Great pictures Er. Love it. So cute. Have a great holiday weekend. Hug those boys. Hope you will be camping.
Dawn B