Saturday, April 19, 2008

Leslie's Wedding Card

Today is a big day in our house. Our little Cam-man (he's 5) is in his cousin's wedding. He is really excited, mostly because he gets toys out of the deal. He looks soooo cute in his tux, or as he calls it- his costume. When she first asked him to be the ring bearer in her wedding he said yes if he can wear his fire fighter costume. He did WONDERFUL last night at rehersal. He couldn't have done any better. He has this smile that always turns into a giggle that is infectious. I hate to say it, but he might steal the spotlight from the bride and groom. It's not his fault that he's adorable! I'll definately post pictures tomorrow of the big event. Here is the card for the couple. I just threw it together a few minutes ago because with all that's involved with being in a wedding I forgot about getting a card made. Because of time restraints I'm going to skip the details on the card. We are heading out the door soon for pictures. Let's hope the 50% chance of rain we have will hold off until later! Have a great day!


Melissa said...


Many Blessings,

Haley said...

Gorgeous! :-)