Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dream Box

This is the project that I promised yesterday. Cameron didn't get a chance to help me with his part, but maybe later. He is certain that if I forget to tell him sweet dreams that he will have a nightmare. He often has night terrors and nightmares( which are two totally different things), so I made him a dream box. Inside I am going to have him write down things that he would like to dream of. Each night before bed he can pull one out and at least be thinking about that before he falls asleep. I'm hoping this will help cut back on the amount of nightmares. I wanted him to have a few written down already to share with you because his imagination is one of a kind. I can only imagine some of the things he will come up with. The box I used is from Maya Road that had chipboard letters in it. I used some of the dp from the Crew Kids -Boy SSK, added alittle ribbon to the handle, and glued chipboard letter to the front of the box. Nothing fancy.


Ashley Bowen said...

Erica, this is such a great idea! I sure hope that it helps and he will have happy dreams from now on! You are such a good mommy! Have a great day. Hugs, Ash!

Haley said...

What a sweet idea! I hope this helps him have lots of good dreams!