Monday, August 3, 2009

Camping - Tubing/Mohican 2009

These pictures are backwards in order, but you get the idea. They tell me that the water was freezing, and I believe them because it was raining and only about 67 degrees. This was the little river that ran behind our campers. It was shallow and calm, but a few days later when we tried to tube the big river after a lot of rain it was anything but shallow and calm! It was my first tubing trip in years and it was an awful experience, and I will just leave it at that! Stay tuned because I have lots more pictures to share with you through out the day! And away they go!


Some of the dads brave the cold, rainy weather to take all these kiddos tubing.

Austin and cousin, Zane.

The boys, along with some family and friends getting ready to float down the river. Unfortunately, as soon as the tubes hit the water it started to rain.

Our crew ready to hit the water.



Carter and Austin and cousins.


Mary said...

Looks like such fun. My boy's are 25,20 & 17 and some of their best memories were made while camping.

Haley said...

Great shots! I can't imagine tubing in water that cold!