Monday, August 31, 2009

Back To Reality

After a week of being away from home at our county fair, I am happy to back into the swing of things today. The boys took dairy heifers and pigs and did very, very well. I may be a little partial. Here are some of the pig pics. I will have others tomorrow.
Austin shakes the judge's hand when entering the ring. You have to make a good first impression as a showman.

Austin won first with both his (gilt girl pig) and his barrow (boy pig). lol
Here he accepting his banner and ribbon for Reserve Champion Middleweight Gilt.

Cameron loves to show his animals. Here he is sitting on his pen waiting for his turn in the ring.

Even though Cameron's pig didn't place, he still got a participation ribbon. He thought that meant he won first place. Who am I to rain on his parade?!

Carter waiting for his turn to show.

Sorry for the blurry pics. I have trouble with these every year. Because the arena is so dusty and dark and the pigs are constantly moving it's hard to get a good shot. Tomorrow I will have pics of the dairy show.


erin said...

You guys did awesome -- just thought i would tell you again!!

Haley said...

This is such a neat thing that you boys get to experience!