Saturday, October 6, 2007

Another Workshop Today

All 3 of these cards were cases. A version of this pumpkin card originally came from my friend Dawn, but I like the simplicity of it for a group of beginners. I have seen the pumpkin in many other places using the oval punch.This would be a fun card to send to the troops over seas. I wanted to add glitter and liquid applique fir snow, but again, SIMPLE was what we were going for today.
This one is my favorite!

I've been on a roll lately with workshops. I might actaully be earning money!!! I even booked another one today! Here are the cards that the girls made. They really enjoyed the workshop (I think) and seemed very interested in it. I am really hoping for another recruit soon though.


Corie said...

These are great -- pefect cards for a workshop!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. I recognize the pumpkin card. So glad it brought you inspiration. Hope your weekend was great. Take care,
Dawn B.

Heather P. said...

I love these punch cards... Especially the third. Wonderful! :)