Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad News

I won't be able to post any pictures or projects for you for about a week. My camera died on me so it had to be sent out to get fixed. But I hope you all are having a great weekend. I must say that I had a great weekend so far. We just got back from Cincinnati. My sister-in-law was able to join me at the Stampin' Up! regional. The highlight of the event was the we were the first to spot Shelli Gardner and get our picture taken with her. As soon as Erin gets me a copy I will proudly share that with you. So now I am very excited and motivated to share some great projects with you (as soon as I get my camera back).


erin said...

i just got them uploaded to facebook. if you can't get them copied or transferred, let me know and i'll figure something else out

Haley said...

Very exicting! I can't wait to see your photos!