Monday, June 8, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend is was wonderful, but today it' back to work! Friday evening I took the boys to my nephew's tball game. Big mistake. They were awful! Saturday evening I took the boys to a friend's house. We had bonfire and the boys had blast. Last night we took them to the same friend's house to swim in their pond. They swam for 4 hours. It wasn't even that warm out and the water was freezing, but they had so much fun. During the afternoon we went o my dad's house to play with this baby racoon. She is so sweet. She is like a puppy. She follows you around wherever you go. She is about 4 weeks old. The boys fought over her the whole time about who was going to feed her the bottle.
Austin holding her.

Cameron holding her, while "momma Mikah" looks over. She takes care of her like she is her baby.

Carter feeding her a bottle.

She is so little! She also needs a name.


Mary said...

Oh soooooo cute. I want one too.

Haley said...

She is precious! How cute that the boys all wanted to feed her.

Glad to hear you guys had a fun...full weekend!

I hope your birthday is wonderful! :-)