Thursday, June 26, 2008


I loved Lauren's sleepover survival kit using Billy in his pj's, so I came up with a similar idea. Part of Lauren's kit was to color your own pillowcase that was stamped with Billy and his little sock monkey. I wanted to use that idea, but in a different way than her sleepover kit. Since we are going on vacation SOON, my kids, especially Cameron who is almost 6 wants to count down on the calendar every night how many "sleeps" until we go. I decided to do the pillowcase coloring idea, with a poem that I wrote for the kids. Then they can color them before we go. I bought them their own travel size pillows and white pillowcases to keep with them in the car. I stamped Billy on the pillowcase with black stazon ink. Then Austin colored this one in with regular crayola crayons. I then heat set it with wax paper over the picture with a hot iron for just a couple minutes. The poem I wrote reads:

It's nearly time for our vacation afar.

To get there we must spend hours in the car.

So you are not cranky, you'll need to get some sleep.

Here's a blankie and pillow, they are yours to keep.

Before we hit the road, the pillowcase you can color.

It's unique, it's you own,

so you don't fight with your brothers!


Ashley Bowen said...

OMG!!! Erica, that has to be the cutest idea EVER!! I love it!!! Oh, you are going to have so much fun! How many more days? Just a few...huh?! :o) hehehe!! Hugs, Ash~

Haley said...

You blow me away! This is uber creative! I can't believe you are actually worried about your trip!

With ideas like this, it will be a breeze!

Dani said...

Holy cow this is cute! Fantastic idea!

erin said...

you are soooo good!! i want to take a vacation just so i can do that