Friday, May 23, 2008

Cookie Frogs

Today I'm going to take the kids to the park. I've packed a lunch to take along and this morning we made treats to take with us as well. These little guys were created in honor of my first stamp release Pond Pals. These cute little frog cookies are so easy to make. the kids had a blast helping me. All you need is a few oreo cookies, pretzel twists, m&m's, white frosting to attach things together, and white chocolate (optional). I would use the smaller pretzel twists. I only had the big ones at home and they are a little too big. After we got these little guys put together something just didn't look right to me. Then it hit me- I wanted to put green food coloring in the melted white chocolate so they look more like frogs, but I got ahead of myself and forgot! Oh well, the kids are going to eat them so fast anyways! For those of you interested in my ebay store, I've added a link to the top right corner of my sidebar. Look for another release mid-June.


erin said...

aren't you so clever!

Haley said...

Those are great! Have fun at the park!