Sunday, December 30, 2007

Austin's Scrapbbok Is Complete (from last year!)

Click on picture to enlarge detail. Yes- I actually used bird seed in the letters.My 3 Sons!

I do each of the boys' scrapbooks by the year. I start them on their birthday and they go up to their next birthday. Here a a few of the last pages from Austin's. His birthday is in May, so I have from May til now to catch up on. No pressure!


CresceNet said...

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Anne said...

Oh my! You are most definitely on a roll! I got several "kits" put together yesterday (photos, journaling, paper, layout), and I started working on one of them, but didn't have the chance to get it all done - let alone 5 spreads! How DO you do it?!

BTW, LOVE the pages! Your boys are going to be SO thrilled :-)

Haley said...

Love the "Good things come in 3's" layout... it's adorable!

Also, I just wanted to let you know I'm doing Scrapbooking giveaways all month long on my blog, and I thought you might be interested! :-)

Heather P. said...

Great layout! Love that you used birdseed... So creative! :)